“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” (Robert Swan)

Born of a pedal and a dream, Cycle4GlobalGoals is about creating big impact through small meaningful actions. With a few years left until 2030, our mission is clear: come together and start a movement acting to achieve the Sustainable Global Goals.

Cycle4GlobalGoals 2023: our first big project was a cycling tour of 3500 km from Sibiu, Romania to Deventer, The Netherlands, through 10 countries and 19 Hanseatic cities, to raise awareness for the Sustainable Development Global Goals (SDGs).

Cycle4GlobalGoals 2024: in 2024, we are taking the spirit of Cycle4GlobalGoals further!

Cycle4GlobalGoals Romania: Together with the Embassy of The Netherlands in Romania and lots of amazing NGO’s, companies, local administrations in Romania, we organize cycling events in every region, promoting bikes as daily transport and sharing good practices on the SDG’s.

Cycle4GlobalGoals in the Netherlands: means exploring the SDG Houses across the Netherlands by bike, discovering sustainable inspiration to shape our future. Let’s turn inspiration into action for a more sustainable tomorrow!

Every action a person takes, brings all of us closer in achieving the SDG’s. So, let’s pedal together towards a sustainable future!

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